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Sunday links: Happy New Year!

Sunday links: Happy New Year!
03 January 2010 posted by John Wyver

Blimey. Here's one satisfied Hamlet viewer, writing in The Observer today: 'Like many people, I had my love of Shakespeare reawakened by David Tennant's TV portrayal of Hamlet over Christmas.' That's Gordon Brown, MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, who starts his article with this encomium before outlining the importance of Labour's plans for education. That'll do as a way to begin the new year. There's so much I want to blog, but I'm only just back from a week away, so this has to be a holding post. Tomorrow, we'll look at the Hamlet DVD and website, but for the moment I want to start this new form for Sunday posts: simply a list of links that have engaged or interested me over the past week.

• Doctor Who: to be, or to regenerate - that was the question
One more Hamlet-related post, this time a brief reflection by our best critic of television, Mark Lawson, that includes the parallels between Shakespeare's plot and the final Doctor Who, scripted by Russell T Davies.
• The ten-plus best films of... 1919
For the last two years, David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson have written a blog post looking back to the movies released ninety years before. This year's fascinating contribution demonstrates exactly why they write the very best current cinema blog.
• The ballad of Blu-ray and scratchy old film
An essential contribution to the formats debate by the New York Times' critic Dave Kehr.
• Nowhere bound
The New Yorker's consistently excellent music critic Alex Ross on Schubert, Beckett and director Katie Mitchell. Ross has recently started a new blog on the New Yorker site where he also posted a footnote to his article this week.
• Little Brown Mushroom blog
One of our favourite photographers Alec Soth blogged brilliantly for a while and then retired. But now he's back as part of the team here posting about images and books and stuff.

Future Sunday links will be fuller (I promise) and if I have time I'll add a few more thoughts later tonight.

The image is from the essential LIFE archive hosted by Google, where it is accompanied by this caption: 'Missouri infantrymen w. 19th Infantry Regiment along Kumsong front, some beaming for camera while others look miserable, holding up signs wishing Happy New Year to stateside folks, during Korean War.' The photograph was taken on 14 December 1951 by Corporal Mervyn Lew.



3 January 2010 18:10

Welcome back, John, and Happy New Year! Thank you for the Guardian link: I really enjoyed Mark Lawson's comments :)


3 January 2010 18:39

Good article by Lawson, however, I would take issue with his statement that all of "his nine predecessors had largely played the role for comedy or camp", that's just following the party line.


3 January 2010 18:44

I read Mark Lawson's article - thanks for the link John! It was up to the standard I would expect. I was surprised he didn't include, in his list of parallels between Hamlet and Doctor Who's finale, the scene where the Doctor was strapped into a chair, with a black tape across his mouth, before being wheeled along corridors..... Will go and look at your other links now!

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