Three things 18.

24th April 2015

Each day I try to highlight just three things. Sometimes there are connections between the three things, oftentimes there are not. • The River - a new authenticity: a very fine essay by Ian Christie for Criterion on Jean Renoir's more

Three things 7.

12th April 2015

A time there was when I would post a list of links on a Sunday morning, but over the past week I have been experimenting with a new approach by which I highlight just three things each day. Even collectively, more

On finding your second-hand self

7th November 2012

Wednesday morning, and to kill time I'm wandering around Stratford-upon-Avon. Oxfam Books is - as ever - alluring, and I make for the modest Film and Television section. Not that my shelves at home (or indeed the floors) have any more more

BBC: ‘bastion of mediocrity’

27th February 2012

I have been reading the late Tony Richardson's memoir Long Distance Runner. (I know I promised a Julius Caesar update, but that waits on a RSC press release - tomorrow, I hope.) It is not clear whether Richardson's more