Sunday links

17th July 2016

Two Brexit links and a clutch pointing to pieces about Pokémon GO, plus other things that I've found interesting or stimulating over the past seven days. Thanks as always to those who have pointed me towards some of them, via Twitter more

Sunday links

10th July 2016

Let's do without any Brexit-linked links this week, shall we? Pretend that nothing's happened, and then perhaps this catastrophe will go away. And in the meantime take a look at these bits and pieces that I have found interesting the past more

Sunday links

3rd July 2016

Lots of post-referendum reading this week, but - with two exceptions - not here. These are links to other bits and pieces that I have found interesting the past seven days. Thanks as always to those who have pointed me more

Sunday links

12th June 2016

It's been a week of Hamlet, the live cinema broadcast of which I produced for the RSC on Wednesday, and also of talking about Kenneth Clark's television at a BFI Southbank screening on Thursday and a Broadcasting the Arts: more

Monday links

6th June 2016

Links to interesting stuff that I have discovered over the past week. A day late, I fear, in part accounted for by the preparations for the RSC Live from Stratford-upon-Avon broadcast of Hamlet on Wednesday. • Hillary Clinton more

Sunday links

29th May 2016

Links from the past week for this holiday weekend. • Black Dog: this is terrific - frames (one of which is above) from comic book artist and filmmaker Dave McKean's graphic-novel biography of painter Paul Nash, created as part of more

Sunday links

22nd May 2016

I fell well short this past week of my intention to post more often than every Sunday, but I shall do better next. Meanwhile, here is today's list of links to interesting and surprising stuff from the past week. • R.I.P. Alexandre more

Sunday links

15th May 2016

Back from a week's walking in Italy, I am happy to propose today's links to stuff that I have found interesting and useful over the past week; I'll contribute some additional ones later today. • Remembering John Krish, 1923-2016: touching tributes from three BFI more