Links for the weekend

24th February 2013

Even if I neglect the blog on other days (and apologies for that, it's just a very busy time right now), the list of links needs to be offered each Sunday. I rarely embed audio clips here (mostly because I more

Links for the weekend

20th January 2013

The great story out of Sundance is the shooting at Disneyland and Disney World of Randy Moore's movie Escape from Tomorrow without any location permissions or copyright clearances. Believe me, as one who has tried to film at a Disney more

#ROLive: our ‘House’

9th January 2013

Hard though it is to believe, it is nearly seventeen years since we went backstage at the Royal Opera House in the BBC fly-on-the-wall series The House. Michael Kaiser, who later became general director of Covent Garden, summed more

The week’s links 15-21/4

15th April 2012

The New York Times online is developing a smart interactive format for the discussion of big cultural events. You can get a good sense of their approach from Circling the 'Ring'. Earlier this month The Metropolitan Opera started more