Who we work with


Sky Arts

Many of Illuminations’ productions have been shown by Sky’s arts channel in the UK, Sky Arts. Among our recent productions for the channel is the three-part Art of Faith series (2008) about religious architecture in Christianity, Islam and Judaism, as well as the follow up Art of Faith (2011) about Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism. In 2011-12 Illuminations is filming four Rosenblatt Recitals for screening on Sky Arts in the summer of 2012.


Productions for BBC Television include Gloriana, A Film (1999), an International Emmy award-winner, and Tx. Children of the Revolution (1996), which won a BAFTA for Best Arts Programme. Other programmes include Sense and Sensation: English Culture in the Eighteenth Century (2002) and the dance films There Will Be Something Later (2005) and Dance Britannia (2007).

Channel 4

Illuminations has produced films for Channel 4 for more than twenty years, including the annual live coverage of the Turner Prize from 1993 to 2005, Gregory Doran’s Macbeth (2001), All About Desire (2001), a profile of Pedro Almodovar, and many more.


Illuminations productions for Five include the two-part The British Face (2006), X-Rated (2005), a three-part series about film censorship, and a number of exhibition films including Turks (2005), Encounters (2004), Gothic: Art for England (2003) and AZTECS (2002).

Gallery HD

In the summers of 2006 and 2007 Illuminations undertook two “art road trips” across the United States, filming the two 12-part series of Artland: USA for Gallery HD, the New York-based HD channel devoted to the visual arts. This year we filmed another 12-part series for the network; Art Race (2008) follows two competing artists as they travel across the continental United States surviving only on their art.

Illuminations Films

A joint venture with Keith Griffiths and Simon Field, Illuminations Films produces distinctive feature-length films. Chris Petit’s Unrequited Love (2006) for Channel 4 and other European partners, released by Illuminations on DVD in October 2006. Chris Petit and Iain Sinclair’s London Orbital (2002) is also available as an Illuminations DVD.

More 4

In 2005 the company made its first programme for More 4 entitled Art, Truth & Politics, a 46-minute film of Harold Pinter’s Nobel Prize speech, also available as an Illuminations DVD.



The Art Fund

Illuminations produced two Artsworld films, Saved! and Rodin in London, to mark the 100th anniversary of The Art Fund. In 2006 we were commissioned by the fund to produce a film about their commission of James Turrell’s Deer Shelter project at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Barbican Art Gallery

The Art of Helen Chadwick DVD was produced in 2004 alongside a major retrospective of Helen Chadwick at London’s Barbican Art Gallery. The film offers a rare opportunity to look at her provocative works exploring desire, sexuality and the body.

British Film Institute

With support from Arts Council England, and with producer David Curtis, Illuminations is making half-hour profiles of British avant-garde filmmakers for release on British Film Institute theFRAME DVD compilations. Already published are William Raban and Chris Welsby, and in production are films about the work of Jayne Parker and Ian Breakwell.

The British Library

The World of the Lindisfarne Gospels is a 50-minute film made alongside a landmark exhibition at The British Library in 2003, available on DVD. Contributions from Dr. Michelle Brown, one of the leading experts in the Gospels, highlight new findings about its dating and reveal how it has become recognized as one of the world’s great works of art.

The Henry Moore Foundation

Illuminations worked closely with The Henry Moore Foundation to produce The Art of Henry Moore in 2004. Archive photographs from the collection at the Foundation complement the wide range of sculptures filmed across Britain, in France and the USA. The film has been screened by several broadcasters and is available on DVD.

Jerwood Foundation

Gereon Krebber’s proposal for a monumental and expensive aluminium object called Tin won the 2003 Jerwood Sculpture Prize. Gereon Krebber, part of theEYE series, documents that process and profiles this young sculptor with a surprising range of work. Glass Now (2003) offers an introduction to contemporary glass arts and profiles eight of Britain’s leading glass artists, all shorted-listed for the Jerwood Applied Arts Prize 2003.

National Gallery

Illuminations has produced a group of short films alongside the 2012 exhibition devoted to the work of Federico Barocci.

National Maritime Museum

Illuminations collaborated with the National Maritime Museum on two recent films: William Hodges: The Art of Exploration produced alongside the 2004 retrospective, which brought together Hodges’ major works from both India and the Pacific; and Elizabeth (2003) explores the life and character of Queen Elizabeth I.

National Portrait Gallery

The British Face (2006) is a two-part series, presented by Fiona Shaw and produced for Five in association with National Portrait Gallery, London. We have also made 20 short films about individual paintings at the gallery, which are included on The British Face DVD and are online. Other work with the gallery includes promotional films, including one made to be screened in Trafalgar Square alongside the 2004 Olympics.

Opus Arte

In 2006 the leading opera DVD publisher Opus Arte released a DVD of Illuminations’ International Emmy-winning Gloriana, A Film (1999). The film, made for BBC2, is directed by Phyllida Lloyd and is based on her landmark staging for Opera North of Benjamin Britten’s opera. Josephine Barstow and Tom Randle star.

Royal Academy of Arts

With support from Five and the Mexican Tourism Board, Illuminations produced the film AZTECS in 2002. It was made alongside the major Aztecs exhibition at London’s Royal Academy and was presented by sculptor Anthony Gormley. Another exhibition-related film, also supported by Five, is Turks (2005) with Boris Johnson.

Royal Shakespeare Company

In 2001 Illuminations worked closely with the Royal Shakespeare Company to produce for Channel 4 a film version of Greg Doran’s brilliantly successful Macbeth. Macbeth, like the stage production, stars Antony Sher and Harriet Walter, was shot on location at The Roundhouse, London.

The Saatchi Gallery

The Saatchi Gallery 100 is a fast-paced and fascinating film featuring one hundred works from Charles Saatchi’s collection. Shot at The Saatchi Gallery’s previous space in County Hall, London, the film highlights the work of some the most well known Young British Artists, including Sarah Lucas, Gary Hume and Jake and Dinos Chapman.

Shakespeare’s Globe

Working closely with actors, directors, education practitioners and other experts from Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, Illuminations produced the 50-minute film, Shakespeare’s Globe, in 2005. We documented a day in the life of this remarkable institution which includes extracts from a production of Romeo and Juliet.


Illuminations has worked on numerous projects with Tate, including broadcast coverage for Channel 4 of the Turner Prize from 1993 to 2005 and Donald Judd at Tate Modern (2004) for Five. We have also produced films for Tate’s website and for Tate Modern’s 2006 re-hang.


A 2006 dual-language DVD with the V&A explores the Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art, entitled Islamic Art at the V&A. One film follows the making of this spectacular display; a second looks in more depth at the collection. Other Illuminations films with the V&A include the exhibition film Gothic: Art for England (2003) and Encounters (2004).

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Illuminations has filmed on many occasions at YSP, including for our films William Turnbull (2005), The Art of Henry Moore (2005) and The Art of Barbara Hepworth (2003). We have also produced a promotional film for the park, and in 2006 made a short film with The Art Fund about James Turrell’s Deer Shelter sky space, which opened at the park in April 2006.



British Council

Illuminations works closely with the British Council to support the work of their Visual Arts Department overseas. A range of our films have been screened alongside exhibitions of the work of British artists in Iran, Brazil, Canada, Romania and Bangladesh.

Films Media Group

A number of our published films, including The Art of Henry Moore, The Sculpture 100 and Turner and Venice, are licensed exclusively in North America by Films Media Group in the USA. The programmes are supplied to educational and non-theatric markets as part of a broad catalogue of educational media.

NM2: New Millennium, New Media

NM2 was a major three-year research project from 2004-07, funded by the European Commission, exploring new models of interactive and configurable media for broadband. Illuminations, which developed for NM2 the production project A Golden Age, was a partner in the consortium along with BT, Cambridge University’s CUMIS, Joanneum and others.

Oxford University Press

In 2004 Illuminations produced a promotional film for the launch of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and filmed oral histories for all the key players in this major publishing project.

The Open University

Illuminations works regularly producing media for The Open University, which is distributed to students on DVD. In 2004-5 the company made 14 short films for the new Introduction to the Classics undergraduate course, and in production in 2006 are films for the new Renaissance Art course.

Video Education Australasia

Several of our published films, including AZTECS, The Art of Henry Moore and The Art of Barbara Hepworth, are licensed for exclusive distribution to educational institutions in Australasia by Video Education Australia.