The Sunday dozen

9th December 2023

John Wyver writes: It's a long time since I compiled the weekly 'Sunday links' - indeed it's a long time since I wrote anything substantial here. But with the changing circumstances for the company (see News, below), I'm minded, more

Ukraine links

6th March 2022

John Wyver writes: To compile the usual Sunday list of links to articles and videos concerned with film, art, performance and writing, seasoned with a sliver or two of politics, seems somehow a touch pointless, even tasteless, given the current more

Visual arts links

15th April 2019

John Wyver writes: here's a handful of links to articles and videos about painting and photography that have engaged and delighted me over the past month or so. That's all. PS. a batch of Bonnard links, as in Pierre, follows shortly. PPS. more

Writing links

16th March 2019

John Wyver writes: for this collection of links I am interpreting the idea of 'writing' rather broadly, and so there are pointers towards pieces about writing, pieces about journalism, pieces about reading, and pieces of what I feel to be more

Cinema links

10th March 2019

John Wyver writes: following recent clutches of Links concerned with Photography, with Television, and with the Visual Arts, today's offering draws together a few of the essential articles and videos about film that I have enjoyed recently. more


24th February 2018

My new approach to Links seemed to work reasonably well, at least for a few days. So this is version 2, with some of the previous links, and many new ones - although I am still uncertain about when and more


14th February 2018

A time there was, when I posted here regularly, that each week I compiled a set of Sunday links. I fell out of the habit, but now I am trying the new approach below. In eight categories I am listing up to five recommended more

Sunday links

31st July 2016

Today's links to articles that I have found interesting or stimulating over the past seven days. Thanks as always to those who have pointed me towards some of them, via Twitter and in other ways, and apologies for the absence of appropriate name-checks. • more