160 minutes (6 x 26 minutes)
March 2009
Languages: French, English, German
Available in the UK and Eire only

Architectures 4

The series Architectures presents a privileged and unprecedented look at the work of superstar architects and some of their most brilliant creations.

Architectures is devised by Richard Copans and Stan Neumann.
Co-produced by the European public television channel ARTE France, Les Films d’Ici; Centre Pompidou; Ministère de la Culture; Direction de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine; Musée d’Orsay; and Fondation Sasakawa, this series of 5 DVDs looks at architecture and its historical and social functions to reveal its meaning and impact on humanity.

Architectures 4 (2004-5) presents six twenty-six minute films focussing on important works by major architects:

Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans by Claude Nicolas Ledoux
The visionary architect Claude Nicolas Ledoux, one of the earliest exponents of French Neoclassical design, built a monumental factory for the king of France at the end of the 18th century. He was considered a utopian and a pragamtist and the building an aesthetic revolution.
A film by Richard Copans and Stan Neumann.

La Maison de Verre by Pierre Chareau
In 1928, Pierre Chareau built the poetical and remarkable Maison de Verre, one of the unique buildings of the 20th century. Inserted into an existing building, the views dissolve through semi-transparent materials, juxtaposing metal and glass, almost taking it into the realms of Surrealism.
A film by Richard Copans and Stan Neumann.

The Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao by Frank Gehry
Known for his strange and deconstructed forms, Frank Gehry designed this monumental, but chaotic and abstract-looking sculpture in 1967. Covered in titanium. the curves on the building have been designed to appear random in order to catch the light.
A film by Julien Donada.

Jean Prouvé’s House
In 1953 French designer Jean Prouvé built “his” house whilst going through his worst life-crisis. Designed in haste, it embodies his most innovative ideas.
A film by Stan Neumann.

Multimedia Library of Sendai by Toyo Ito
A glass cube built in Japan by Toyo Ito, the library provides an example of immaterial and evanescent architecture. The Mediatheque is located on a tree-lined avenue in Sendai, its transparent facade allowing for the revelation of diverse activities that occur within the building.
A film by Richard Copans.

The Abbey church of Sainte Foy at Conques
Built in 1050, the Abbey is one of the foremost pilgrim churches of the Christian world. This is rational, svelte and light-filled Romanesque architecture that is the work of Conques’ monks who gained a solid reputation as builders during this time.
A film by Stan Neumann.


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