An Age of Kings DVD boxset
960 mins incl extras + booklet

The Wars of the Roses DVD boxset
505 mins incl extras + booklet

Richard II DVD
150 mins incl extras + booklet

Classic Shakespeare

Classic Shakespeare brings our Screen Plays films together in one luxury bundle, with a saving of over 15%!

Screen Plays is a series of prestige DVD releases including the BBC’s seminal production of Shakespeare’s History plays, An Age of Kings; the RSC’s The Wars of the Roses adapted and directed for the stage by Peter Hall and John Barton; and Deborah Warner’s gender-flipped Richard II with Fiona Shaw in the titular role.

An Age of Kings is BBC Television’s compelling 15-episode production from 1960 of William Shakespeare’s great national pageant of eight History plays. The critic for The Guardian praised this ‘tremendous project’ and hailed it as ‘ambitious … exciting … a striking example of the creative use of television’. Distinguished by numerous spectacular performances we see Frank Pettingell and Angela Baddeley at a late stage in their successful stage and film careers, alongside Robert Hardy, Eileen Atkins, Judi Dench, Tony Garnett, and Sean Connery, among many others, at the beginning of theirs.

The Wars of the Roses is the RSC’s compelling landmark production of William Shakespeare’s Henry VI trilogy and Richard III. Adapted and directed for the stage by Peter Hall and John Barton, it was acknowledged on its premiere in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1963 as one of the defining Shakespeare productions of the post-war years.

Richard II stars Fiona Shaw as the king in Deborah Warner’s controversial staging of Shakespeare’s classic play. The performance stirred up a significant critical response when presented in 1995 at the National Theatre, and later in Salzburg and Paris. Among those who recognised its originality and strengths was the critic Paul Taylor, who praised the ‘gripping, lucidly felt production’ and Fiona Shaw’s ‘dazzlingly disconcerting … deliberately uncomfortable, compelling performance.’ 


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