71 minutes
February 2014
R0 (PAL)

Georges Seurat

In Georges Seurat‘s work, the viewer will surely never “miss the point”!

The son of wealthy Parisians, Seurat took modern life as this theme. Excited by recent theories of colour, he developed the technique of pintillism, whereby individual colour dots, set side-by-side on the canvas, meld, in the eye of the viewer, into whole-colour surfaces.

Dying suddenly at age 31, Seurat left behind only a few large paintings, including A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. David Thompson investigates, with the aid of such artists as Henry Moore, the artistic and theoretical work of the man who founded Post-Impressionism in modern painting.

Art Lives, from Arthaus, is a series of powerful and arresting documentaries about artists and art movements released for the first time on DVD in the English language.


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