52 minutes
April 2009
R0 (PAL)
French Subtitles

Jackson Pollock

In 1956, Time Magazine mockingly described one of America’s most important 20th century artists as “Jack the Dripper”. It did so because Jackson Pollock stood for something new: with his innovative technique of “dripping” and “pouring” paint, he originated Action painting, creating radical, subjective works which revolutionised the world of art.

However, Pollock also typified the image of drunken artist in search of meaning and he became something of a legend as a result of his premature death. In this documentary, Kim Evans portrays the myth of Pollock, an artist whose abstract painting was celebrated by the media as the quintessential American art form.

Art Lives, from Arthaus, is a series of compelling documentaries on artists and art movements released for the first time on DVD in the English language.


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