117 mins + 16 mins extras
September 2016
R0 (PAL)

Vincent Van Gogh: A Life Devoted to Art

An important documentary revealing the complete story of Vincent Van Gogh‘s life and work: from his childhood in Brabant, through his laborious years of apprenticeship in Nuenen, eventual artistic coming-of-age in Paris, to the exhilarating peak of his career in the south of France – and later his tragic suicide in Auvers.

Experts at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam speak of Van Gogh’s sources of inspiration and use his letters to show how he struggled to become a truly modern artist. The film contains all of the artist’s masterpieces as well as numerous lesser-known paintings and sketches. Many of his personal letters are included and unique film footage highlights all of the places Van Gogh lived and worked in The Netherlands, England, Belgium and, finally, France. 

DVD extras include exclusive interviews with Van Gogh family members and the director of the Van Gogh Museum. In addition, there is a high res image gallery and in-depth analysis of his painting styles.


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