108 minutes (1 x 49, 1x 54 minutes)
March 2017
Languages: French, English, German
English & Dutch
Available in the UK and Eire only

Architectures bonus volume: Paris: From the Haussmann era to the edges of the boulevard peripherique

Forming volume 11 of the Architectures box set, this is the story of how Paris became a vibrant metropolis told through two films: Paris, The Invention of the Modern City by Stan Neumann (black & white, 49mins) and Paris Ring by Richard Copans (colour, 54mins).

From the Haussmann era to the construction of the boulevard périphérique or ring road, these films explore how Paris was transformed into a modern city. How did the Paris of the 20th century succeed in accommodating modernity while holding onto its 19th century gems?  How have the demands posed by contemporary life, vehicular circulation and social housing managed to leave room for architectural creativity?

Paris, The Invention of the Modern City
A film by Stan Neumann based on the work of François Loyer 
In the early 1800s, Paris was visibly stifled by the structures it had inherited from the Middle Ages. Yet within a few decades, the city managed to become the capital of the 19th century. This documentary, based on the work of art historian, François Loyer, provides a detailed analysis of the transformation of Paris to a modern city.  The film constantly seeks to understand how the urban fabric that is the home of Parisians today was woven together. We discover a Paris that is different from the image generally presented of the City of Light: a city designed as a giant backdrop which plays with optical illusions and different perspectives, but which – despite breathtaking growth – has managed to retain a logical structure.

Paris Ring
A film by Richard Copans
Is the ring around Paris a no man’s land to be avoided at all costs? When a city spreads out, the outskirts become a major issue of urbanism. What are the questions that a growing urban sprawl pose? What types of challenges does the Paris ring pose for architects and urban planners?


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