Monday links

18th September 2017

I have just returned from a fascinating three-day trip to St Petersburg (of which more tomorrow), so the Links post is a day late . In other respects it is much as I try (but too often fail) to do more

Sunday links

22nd January 2017

After a break through the early weeks of January, in part prompted by technical troubles here, let's return once more to posting. In a dark, dark week for the world, the first links are more or less loosely engaged by more

Videos for the weekend

2nd February 2013

I have my colleague Todd Macdonald to thank for the weekend's first clip: a timelapse panorama of the courtyard observed by Jeff (James Stewart, above) in Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window (1954). Todd was laid up with a bug for much more

Pride and Prejudice: 12 for 200

28th January 2013

I thought others might do this to mark the anniversary today of the publication of Jane Austen's great and glorious Pride and Prejudice. But as I've yet to see such an anthology, I thought I would make one for myself - more

Links for the weekend

6th January 2013

One of the things you quickly learn as a producer is not to use 'Happy Birthday to you' in a film. Remarkably, the song remains in copyright, and as a consequence, you need to secure clearance for its use and more