The Space: 21 days later

21st May 2012

Time for another update on the pop-up arts offering The Space (go here and here for earlier bulletins). This is the Arts Council England initiative with the BBC which I gather is likely - after more

‘A tongue shriller than all the music’

19th May 2012

This is the RSC's neat and punchy new trailer for the stage production of Julius Caesar: How odd - and interesting - it is to see a trailer for something with which, through the film version, we are so closely associated, more

The NPG’s big, fat Coronation, or…

18th May 2012

... the 1970s were not in widescreen. Let's return to a favourite topic for this blog, even if it is one that I know comes across as a little arcane. Yes indeed, this is another post about frame ratios (see more

The week’s links 13-19/5

15th May 2012

I'm still not sure how best to create/curate a weekly collection of links that is useful to others. The process, however, is important to me as a way of gathering together pieces that I find useful or stimulating and so more

Second thoughts on The Space

8th May 2012

I know it's early days and there is still the best part of six months to go, and there is a ton of great stuff to come, and cool new features are on the way including personalisation, and that I more

The week’s links 6-12/5 [Updated]

7th May 2012

Working intensively on our BBC film of the RSC's Julius Caesar over the past few weeks, I've missed out on a lot of reading and viewing - not to mention blog recommendations. Today's column of links (to which as usual I'll more

‘This happy day’ [the days after]

7th May 2012

It takes a while to wind down and warm up after a shoot like ours for Julius Caesar. We were away from Oriental City by 6.30pm on Saturday, although there are two further days of clearing up and 'restitution' still more