DVD, Blu-ray, download and streaming specifications


Most DVDs published by Illuminations are Region-coded 0, or Region Free, which ensures that they can be played in any DVD player around the world. There are a couple of products that have Region code 2 which restricts the film to these territories only (Europe, Japan, South Africa, Middle East). Playing material through a computer or laptop usually avoids any region or format issues.

Our published DVDs are in either PAL or NTSC format, or have been produced as double-sided PAL/NTSC discs. This is usually determined by the rights we hold.

PAL is the standard format for the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia and most of Africa. Usually these won’t play through US TV sets, although in multi-system TVs it shouldn’t be a problem.

NTSC is the standard format for the USA, Canada, South Korea and Japan plus some areas in north and eastern South America. These will often play in UK, European, Australian TV sets but again with a multi-system TV, it will play fine.

This is because newer multi-system television sets are built to play both PAL and NTSC formats, but it is always advisable to check your manual beforehand if you are unsure.


Our Blu-rays are released without region coding which permits them to be played in any Blu-ray player around the world.

Download and streaming


Other formats

Should you wish to acquire a film, or part thereof, on any other format, including digital file options, please contact us.

Please note that when obtaining DVD copies of material featured in our Programme Archive, the in-house DVD-Rs will be of a slightly reduced quality than a published DVD title, which has been pressed from a glass master by a DVD replication house. However, this should not result in any significant reduction in quality when viewing.