Visual Arts

Illuminations has a superb range of short and long-form documentaries about artists, artworks and art movements available in our Visual Arts section. Our key series include theEYE, Art Lives, Art Lives and The Art of …, as well as individual films.

Art Documentaries

A wide-ranging collection of documentary films about important visual artists and art movements produced by our European partners, Arte and Arthaus, and distributed by Illuminations in the UK.
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Masterworks is a series of art documentaries that focus on art movements, periods, and galleries. Each DVD has five films, which contain a short film focusing on a single work of art, including, Jasper Johns, Edward Hopper, Josef Albers, Kazimir Malevich, and Franz Marc.
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theEYE is our best-selling series of profiles about contemporary artists and is now an impressive collection of 44 profiles on DVD. Each film offers a rare insight into an artist’s influences and ideas, providing an accessible means of engaging with the pleasures and puzzles of art in the twenty-first century.
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Art21: Art in the 21st Century is an award-winning series of 24 programmes in which 100 contemporary artists explain their creations, their creative processes, and their perceptions of art. The Art 21 series covers a wide range of contemporary artists and contemporary visual art.
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Art Lives

A powerful and arresting series of documentaries about artists and art movements, released for the first time on DVD in the English language. Includes features on David Hockney, Donatello, Warhol, Degas, Manet, Velasquez, Frida Kahlo, Vermeer, Pollock, Seurat, Goya and other celebrated artists.
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The Art of...

A series of major documentaries exploring the lives and works of some of the most exceptional and influential 20th Century artists. In each case, the artworks are accompanied by a specially recorded soundtrack drawn solely from the artist's interviews, letters and writings.
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Artland : USA (series 1 and 2)

Artland: USA is a hugely enjoyable art road movie series hosted by Mame McCutchin with Charlie Luxton (series 1) and Toby Amies (series 2). Driving a 35-foot RV across the United States, from San Diego to Portland and from Miami to Anchorage, the presenters go in search of the best of American art and architecture along the way.
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Exhibitions and Collections

These films have been produced in support of a specific exhibition or collection at important institutions, galleries and museums in the UK. The artworks featured include sculpture, painting, artefacts and installations from around the world.
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Macbeth (Patrick Stewart)

Now available as a digital download and for streaming.

Bill Viola (Art Lives)

New RA show exploring the affinities between Bill Viola and Michaelangelo, an immersive journey through the cycle of life.