Sixty for ’51, part 2 #60for51

30th November 2013

Yesterday's post introduced an exhibition organised by The Arts Council for the Festival of Britain in 1951. The show featured 54 paintings, together with a number of sculptures, requested from many of the prominent artists of the day. more

Time and The Space

31st July 2012

Time, most definitely, to return to The Space, the Arts Council England/BBC digital 'pop-up' that, in its present form at least, will be with us for only another three months. Indeed, this is exactly the half-way point for more

The Space: 21 days later

21st May 2012

Time for another update on the pop-up arts offering The Space (go here and here for earlier bulletins). This is the Arts Council England initiative with the BBC which I gather is likely - after more

Second thoughts on The Space

8th May 2012

I know it's early days and there is still the best part of six months to go, and there is a ton of great stuff to come, and cool new features are on the way including personalisation, and that I more

On first looking into The Space

1st May 2012

Day 8 of the Julius Caesar shoot, and we continue to film the assassination scene. On set it's still really cold and outside it's raining hard once again. What more do you need to know (apart from what's for lunch)? more

Close, but no cigar

7th March 2012

I blogged a fortnight back about how Points, our proposal for Arts Council England/BBC initiative The Space, lost out in the final funding round. Today I had a kind of post-rejection counselling session with a solicitous man more

Blunted Points [updated]

21st February 2012

Tomorrow Arts Council England and the BBC announce the projects to be funded for this summer's exciting digital arts project The Space (see my earlier post Make it new). I did some initial consultancy for The Space but more