Videos for the weekend

19th January 2013

For this snowy Saturday, the week's selection of freely available online videos. Above, Act III of no. 3 below; no 4 has snowy aspects too. 1. How motion pictures became the movies This is a great innovation from David Bordwell's essential cinema website more

#ROLive: our ‘House’

9th January 2013

Hard though it is to believe, it is nearly seventeen years since we went backstage at the Royal Opera House in the BBC fly-on-the-wall series The House. Michael Kaiser, who later became general director of Covent Garden, summed more

Royal Opera LIVE, with added live blog

7th January 2013

20:16 I'm won over - not by the switching at The Space but by the view of the performance that the 'mix' channel offers. (Suzy Klein, incidentally, doing a great job.) And with that, I think I'm going to sign more