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September 2006
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Islamic Art at the V&A

London’s V&A Museum has one of the world’s finest collections of Islamic art from the Middle East. Among its 10,000 objects are the Ardabil Carpet made in 16th-century Iran, one of the largest and finest carpets in existence, and an exquisite rock crystal ewer from 11th-century Egypt. From the summer of 2006, these treasures will be displayed in a dazzling new gallery conceived to increase awareness and appreciation of Islamic art.

This DVD offers two films, the first film follows the creation and achievement of the new Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art at the V&A. Beginning with the removal of the Ardabil Carpet from the old gallery display, and then travelling through to the USA, Iran, and Japan, this unique film recounts a vivid 18-month journey, ending with the glittering opening of the new gallery. Included also is a history of the collection, the renovation of the Gallery, installation sequences, and interviews with key curators, designers, conservators, and other experts.

Complementing The Making of the Jameel GalleryAn Introduction to Islamic Art highlights the beauties and complexities of many of the greatest objects from the V&A collection. Curators and experts concentrate on a selection of treasures to draw the viewer into the fascinating world of Islamic art. Each of the main forms of the arts under Islam – ceramics, textiles, metalwork, and manuscripts, together with elements of architecture – is discussed and illustrated.

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8 August 2006

20 August 2006


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