A ‘cinema’ shelfie

8th March 2019

John Wyver writes: Prompted by social media posts and World Book Day (and I know I'm a little late), above is an image of two of my bookshelves. These are part of my 'cinema' selection, with the volumes ordered in more

Sunday links

12th March 2017

I know it's pointless gently flagellating myself in public for failing to post more regularly. So I'll save that for the privacy of my keyboard (as well as being both rueful and grateful for how busy I am), and offer more

Sunday links

12th October 2014

An idiosyncratic selection of articles and more that have engaged me over the past few days, with the usual apologies for not including appropriate thanks to those who alerted me to some of them. • Le Giornate del Cinema more

Videos for the weekend

19th January 2013

For this snowy Saturday, the week's selection of freely available online videos. Above, Act III of no. 3 below; no 4 has snowy aspects too. 1. How motion pictures became the movies This is a great innovation from David Bordwell's essential cinema website more

Links for the weekend

6th January 2013

One of the things you quickly learn as a producer is not to use 'Happy Birthday to you' in a film. Remarkably, the song remains in copyright, and as a consequence, you need to secure clearance for its use and more

2012 top ten, 6: John Wyver

29th December 2012

Following is my contribution to the week of top tens, and the last of this half-dozen offerings. Again - apart from the first - this in no particular order. Many thanks to Keith, Linda, Todd, Simon and Louise for the more