34 years on…

1st June 2016

So I logged on to Facebook today and this is what I found... 34th anniversary! How can that be? What I think must be the case is that we incorporated Illuminations Television Ltd 34 years ago. My then-colleague Geoff Dunlop and I more

‘Never till tonight, never till now’

24th June 2012

06:20 (Monday morning): In fact, I didn't add to the blog (see 22:23 below) after the end of the broadcast. In part this was because my two sons came back from the pub disappointed and dejected (no, they hadn't been more

‘Be thou my witness…’ [Updated]

22nd June 2012

As I have done previously with our productions of Hamlet (2009) and Macbeth (2010), I am using this page to draw together responses to our new film of the Royal Shakespeare Company's Julius Caesar. The film is first broadcast by more

Happy 30th birthday to us!

15th June 2012

We are 30 years old today!! Illuminations was incorporated on 15 June 1982. We were sort of aware of that but could not quite remember the exact date. But my colleague Linda Zuck has just looked out the paperwork and more

‘Shakespeare’s Africa play’

29th February 2012

The first day of the location shoot for our film version of the Royal Shakespeare Company's new Julius Caesar is now just over seven weeks away. We have found our location and we are putting together our crew. BBC Four's funding more

Blunted Points [updated]

21st February 2012

Tomorrow Arts Council England and the BBC announce the projects to be funded for this summer's exciting digital arts project The Space (see my earlier post Make it new). I did some initial consultancy for The Space but more

O brave new world

4th January 2012

As the out-of-office alerts are turned off and and the Christmas chocolate biscuits run out, there is inevitably something about this week that prompts reflections on the future. Not The Future in very general terms, but just how things might more