Three things 14.

19th April 2015

Each day I highlight three things. Sometimes there are connections between them, oftentimes there not. • C20 Society Churches Database: a truly wonderful resource from the Twentieth Century Society. • The Smithsons on Housing: writer and filmmaker B. S. Johnson's eccentric more

Postcard from Pasadena 2.

25th October 2012

Just before 12.30 the technician comes to switch on Metropolis II. Crowded around a room-size contraption that is part Heath Robinson, part Meccano mountain, is an expectant group of young children, older men and perhaps even an art more

Links for the week

24th October 2012

Andrew O'Hagan's essay about the Savile scandal in the London Review of Books, Light entertainment, is (and I know this is much over-used adjective) indispensable. Amongst much else it is a truly remarkable portrait of the post-war BBC, but more

Postcard from Pasadena 1.

23rd October 2012

File this post (and the next couple) under what-I-did-on-a-more-or-less-holiday. Until Sunday I am in Pasadena, north-east of downtown Los Angeles, having been invited to talk about filming Shakespeare by Professor John Brewer. A decade back we made Sense more