Postcard from China, 9

28th July 2013

Stupidly, I seem to hurt the a tendon in my left leg, and this has meant that I have been hobbling around Shanghai for these final two days of our holiday. We have nonetheless been up a very tall building, more

Postcard from China, 8

24th July 2013

If I push the point a bit I can make this post a tale of two movies. Monday night we watched White House Down in a state-of-the-art cinema in Hangzhou, while last night we saw part of a classic black-and-white more

Postcard from China, 6

20th July 2013

Thursday afternoon we flew from Xi'an to Wenzhou, which is a southern port city that's not on most tourist itineraries. Indeed it does not even rate so much as a mention in the Rough Guide to China, but more

Postcard from China, 5

18th July 2013

We spent Wednesday in Xi'an, partly because we wanted a quieter day with less travelling than we have enjoyed over the past week. I'm also struggling with a head cold which seems a bit unfair, but nonetheless our time continues of more

Postcard from China, 4

17th July 2013

So is it permitted to acknowledge that one is just a teensy bit underwhelmed by what is reputed to be one of the great sites - and sights - of the ancient world? We have been in Xi'an since Monday more