‘The Ides of March are come’ [day 7]

30th April 2012

There is a blue, blue sky as I come out of the underground station at 6.20. The best weather of the shoot so far. But Saturday night saw thunder and rain of tempest-level force. So I'm truly worried as I more

‘Whoever knew the heavens menace so?’ [day 4]

26th April 2012

There was bright sunshine when I stepped out of the tube this morning (at 6.20, thanks for asking). But pretty soon the dark clouds were gathering, and not long after that there was the first of several bursts of torrential more

‘Peace. Count the clock.’ [day 3]

25th April 2012

In front of camera, it's a sweltering night in our nameless African city, some time after a thunderstorm has passed. The thunderstorm, however, seems to have taken up residence in the real world just above our location. It's day 3 more

‘When it is lighted, come and call me here’ [day 2]

24th April 2012

Above is the clapperboard at the end of day 1. Somehow it's reassuring that, even when all the other camera stuff is high end digital, we still need one of these totally traditional objects. Last night the digital rushes were more

‘Tell us the manner of it’ [day 1]

23rd April 2012

So... here we go. 05.05: leaving the house to catch the first tube heading north on the Northern Line. At least it's not raining. 07:35: First AD Kristian Dench gathers everyone for some brief house-keeping notes, including the fire alarm procedures - more

The week’s links 22-28/4

22nd April 2012

Marc Karlin was a major filmmaker and a good man. He was a colleague and we worked together on two of his films for television. I appreciated his imaginative and rigorously intellectual yet poetic approach to working with images and more

‘Their battles are at hand’

21st April 2012

The last weekend. On Monday - Shakespeare's birthday, in case you hadn't noticed - we turn over on our BBC film of the Royal Shakespeare Company's Julius Caesar. Director Greg Doran finished the fourth week of rehearsals on Friday with more

Hollis, I hardly know you

20th April 2012

Tuesday sees the release (in the States only) of a DVD and Blu-ray for which, it is only slightly hyperbolic to say, I have been waiting for all my life. The great and good Criterion Collection have collated more

‘A very pleasing night to honest men’

17th April 2012

If it's Monday, it must mean there's a week to go. Seven days from now we start shooting Julius Caesar. At lunchtime, with our First AD Kristian Dench, I head up the Northern Line to the location. As I have indicated more