Harold Pinter

One of the most influential modern British dramatists with a writing career spanning 50 years, Harold Pinter‘s celebrated 2005 Nobel Prize-winning speech is available here on DVD and digital. A further long-form documentary, Working with Pinter, offers a remarkable insight into his creative processes and his fundamental contribution to British film.

Working with Pinter


For fifty years, Harold Pinter has been at the centre of theatrical work and his contribution to theatre, film and, more recently the political stage, has been enormous. Working with Pinter offers unprecedented access to the his creative processes in the rehearsal room.

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Harold Pinter: Art, Truth & Politics


In late 2005 Harold Pinter videotaped a lecture on the occasion of being awarded one of the most distinguished honours, the Nobel Prize for Literature. “Art, Truth & Politics” is a speech that made headlines around the world. It is an urgent and compelling appeal for us all as citizens to seek out and honour truth.

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