Judson Dance Theater at MoMA

29th September 2018

I'm not sure I'm ready - or have time - to return to contributing frequent posts, but I am interested to see if I can occasionally draw together notes and pointers about topics that are engaging me. I want to more

MoMA marvels

1st November 2016

The Museum of Modern Art in New York recently unveiled an exciting, extraordinary and exemplary archival project, 'Exhibition history', that is putting online for free and unrestricted access thousands and thousands of installation photographs, press releases and - most more

Sunday links

3rd July 2016

Lots of post-referendum reading this week, but - with two exceptions - not here. These are links to other bits and pieces that I have found interesting the past seven days. Thanks as always to those who have pointed me more

Videos for the weekend

2nd February 2013

I have my colleague Todd Macdonald to thank for the weekend's first clip: a timelapse panorama of the courtyard observed by Jeff (James Stewart, above) in Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window (1954). Todd was laid up with a bug for much more