“Amazon.com has never had any earnings” Jeff Bezos

24th June 2022

The final blog post for our 40th anniversary is an interview with Jeff Bezos circa 1998. This is the first time we've made this clip available and it's a fascinating glimpse of when Amazon was 'just' a bookshop but also more

Sunday links

7th June 2020

John Wyver writes: These are some of the things that have engaged me over the past extraordinary, historic week. The selection starts with four essential analyses, and with a powerful video made by actors who have worked with the RSC more

Sunday links stripped-down

10th August 2014

It's our boy Ben's 21st birthday today, and we have had an excellent party in Whitstable. This morning's links have now been added to, with - as before - apologies for not properly crediting those who highlighted for me many more