Postcard from Yale

6th April 2024

John Wyver writes: In November the distinguished art historian Lynda Nead (link to her page at Birkbeck, where she is now Emerita Professor), who is also a friend, gave the prestigious Paul Mellon Lectures at the V&A. In four more

The language of lockdown 1.

1st June 2020

John Wyver writes: Two months or so into lockdown I wonder if, along with so much else, we are seeing a fundamental shift in the screen language of our moving image media. So do I have your attention now? I am more

Early movies from the Met 1.

17th March 2020

John Wyver writes: Since it appears as if we'll be spending even more of our time with our screens in the coming weeks, I thought I'd return to the blog with notes on some of the more obscure films and more

New year, new blog?

9th January 2020

John Wyver writes: The end of last year was a shameful time for this blog, in large part because I posted ridiculously infrequently. Shortage of time was one factor, linked to a host of personal and professional pressures. But I more