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Something for the weekend

Something for the weekend
10 September 2011 posted by John Wyver

The past fortnight has seen some fascinating discussion online of Variation: The Sunbeam, David W. Griffith, 1912, a short produced and posted by Aitor Gamexto. Gametxo, who is a Spanish film student, has created a really smart 'spatial re-mix' of Griffith's 1912 drama by locating each of the five set-ups of the fifteen-minute original in the same frame (for an example, see above). He runs the action simultaneously - and the result is truly remarakable. For commentary, read Kevin Lee's Fandor essay and then Kristin Thompson at Observations on film art. (Thompson recommends you view the integral version of The Sunbeam first, which you can do on YouTube here.) In the jump, as usual at this time of the week, nine further free viewing recommendations.

DVD of the week: The Long, Long Trailer: a brilliant, brief (three minutes) analysis of Vincente Minnelli's 1953 comedy with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz; The New Yorker's Richard Brody also explains why he chose this film to feature in the magazine's issue commemorating the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

7 Must-see What's My Line episodes: I've come late to Brain Pickings (curating neat stuff, basically), but I'm now a fan - and here's one of this week's offerings, with five celebs (including Salvador Dali and Lucille Ball), a girdle-tester and the show's 1967 finale.

The Doris Day Special: Hollywood kitsch at its most cherishable - a US television show from 1971 with Doris herself, Perry Como and, yes, Rock Hudson; available courtesy of BBC iPlayer until 16 September.

Werner Herzog on Into the Abyss: nearly seven minutes with the master talking about his new documentary from death row, courtesy of the Guardian.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being: on BBC iPlayer (including for download), director Philip Kaufman's interpretation of Milan Kundera's philosophical novel, with Daniel Day-Lewis and Lena Olin; the script is by Jean-Claude Carrière, to whom David Bordwell pays tribute here.

Touching the Film Object?: a fascinating and thought-provoking video essay by Catherine Grant about 'haptic visuality' in film studies - crudely, the evocation of touch in film and the experience of watching film; there is an associated online essay at filmanalytical.

The Turn of the Screw from Glyndebourne: I know this is a re-run, but it's glorious and you only have two more days to watch - the Guardian's live stream (as-live now) of Benjamin Britten's masterpiece.

Intel Visible Life with Michael Wolff: a gorgeous short film with the co-founder of Wolff Olinsreflecting on his 'three muscles of creativity' (thanks for this one too to @brainpicker).

100 Years / Style / East London: OK, I know this is a promo film for a New Westfield development, but it's still pretty great.


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