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6th September 2015

I’m not quite committing yet to (a) posting regularly, or (b) returning to a regular Sunday links, but here are some pieces that I have appreciated over the past week or so:

The movies of my youth: Italo Calvino remembers going to the cinema in the late 1930s, via the blog of the New York Review of Books.

Masters of space: Brad Stevens is very good for Sight & Sound on Max Ophuls, his 1955 film Lola Montes, mise-en-scène and cinematic space.

City symphony: Matt Connolly at Reverse Shot on the glorious movie version of West Side Story.

Day for Night – are movies magic?: David Cairns for The Criterion Collection on Francois Truffaut’s 1973 joyful self-portrait (above).

• The close-up and the face in the films of Ingmar Bergman, with a text by Thomas Elsaesser

Film Theory Ch 3 The Face and the Mirror from Thomas Elsaesser on Vimeo.

In hyperspace: Frederic Jameson on science fiction for the London Review of Books.

• 19 annoying things about second-hand books and 19 delightful things about second-hand books: the Buzzfeed-ification of online even gets to Luke McKernan, but despite this these are two lovely posts.

The witches of Salem: Stacy Schiff for The New Yorker reconstructs dark deeds in 1641-2.

• Imogen Heap: saviour of the music industry?: interesting Guardian piece by Jamie Bartlett about Ms Heap’s ideas for returning online revenues to creators.

• Playlist: How directors are starting to use virtual reality: Adrian Woolard assembles some compelling clips at Medium.

Is experimental theatre in decline?: at WhatsOnStage, Matt Trueman with some pertinent and positive thoughts.

Dystopian iBeacon intrusion is a wake-up call for advertisers: Tom Goodwin for the Guardian on the future of marketing.


  1. vivek says:

    Lola Montes is a great movie. thanks for share this post.

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