… and we’re back!

20th November 2014

It’s been a hugely frustrating month and more. One night, entirely unprovoked by us, our web site apparently started ‘attacking’ other sites. Our developers quite rightly felt that the only thing to do was to take a large part of the site offline. We have spent the last month sorting out what went wrong, moving across to another digital agency, Origin Media (a process which was underway in any case), and working with them to restore all of our content. Which is the stage we’re at today, and which in itself feels like a small triumph.

At the same time, we have been re-vamping our YouTube channel, and you can see where we are with that here. Our plan now is to have a regular release of new content related to our productions and our DVD releases, and I will be posting about that in the coming days. For the moment, though, we are happy simply to back benignly online

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