Happy Anniversary to us!

15th June 2022

John Wyver writes: Remarkably, Illuminations was incorporated forty years ago today, 15 June 1982. Which makes this our Ruby anniversary. Five months before Channel 4 went on air, co-founder Geoff Dunlop and I bought the defunct Chromeland more

Ukraine links

6th March 2022

John Wyver writes: To compile the usual Sunday list of links to articles and videos concerned with film, art, performance and writing, seasoned with a sliver or two of politics, seems somehow a touch pointless, even tasteless, given the current more

Sunday links

27th February 2022

John Wyver writes: I've spent so much of the past few days reading and listening to informed and important analysis of the dreadful events in Ukraine, and of course I could have filled today's selections with many of those links. more

Sunday links

20th February 2022

John Wyver writes: welcome to another collection of articles that have engaged and interested me over the past week, starting off with three very different but highly recommended articles about aspects of cinema. • The weirdness of more

Sunday links

13th February 2022

John Wyver writes: our break in Northumberland was glorious - thanks for asking - and I'm returning now with today's list of recommended reading, listening and viewing. • In Our Time - Walter Benjamin: let us now more

Sunday links

30th January 2022

John Wyver writes: another round-up of recommendations of articles, audio and video that have engaged and interested me over the past week. • William Friese-Greene - Close-up: Stephen Herbert at The Optilogue begins a series of posts more

Sunday links

23rd January 2022

John Wyver writes: herewith a further batch of links to lighten any winter gloom (with minimal mainstream politics this week), put forward with my weekly expression of gratitude to those on Twitter who continue to highlight interesting stuff. • more

Sunday links

16th January 2022

John Wyver writes: Today's selection is a little late as I've been watching the dismal end of the Ashes saga. And I wish I could suggest that the following choice of articles and more that I've appreciated over the past more

Sunday links

9th January 2022

John Wyver writes: two political articles to kick off this week's selection, both wonderfully written, even if their content is so familiarly depressing; there are more cheerful recommendations below the fold, and as ever I'n grateful for those on Twitter more