Jotting 4: Richard Serra’s ‘Equal’

1st April 2024

John Wyver writes: I am lucky enough to be in New York for a couple of nights (look out for a 'Postcard' from the city here soon) and I spent yesterday afternoon in the peerless permanent collections galleries of the more

Jotting 2: ‘The Return of Frank James’, 1940

27th March 2024

John Wyver writes: Here's another brief, random note about a cultural object that I've encountered in the past few days, in this case Fritz Lang's Western with Henry Fonda and Gene Tierney, which I saw at what I persist in more

Jotting 1: Perambulation no.12

27th March 2024

John Wyver writes: I'm pleased that I seem to be managing to keep the Sunday dozen going, and while I don't feel ready - or have the time - to return to blogging more seriously, I want to try floating more