Forty years on

14th January 2024

John Wyver writes: Here’s a remarkable trace of my, and of Illuminations’ and Channel 4’s pasts – a programme break from 14 January 1984 with a continuity announcement and slide trailing the first documentary I produced, Six Into One: The Prisoner File. The 50-minute film, shown two days later on 16 January after a re-run of the final episode of The Prisoner itself (above), was conceived and written by Chris Rodley and directed by Laurens C. Postma, and features an exclusive interview with Patrick McGoohan. Of course, it feels like yesterday — and a very long time ago.

from Youtube via The TV Museum

For a little more on the series and the documentary, see John Coulthart’s 2015 blog post. And here’s an off-air recording of the continuity announcement at the head of the show, and the first minute or so of the programme:

from Youtube via studio2television

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