Sunday links stripped-down

22nd June 2014

From the Bard to Bart – how Mr Burns challenges our common culture: Mark Lawson at the Almeida (above, Tristram Kenton’s Guardian image of the production).

Recovered, discovered and restored – DVDs, Blu-rays and a book: a round-up of recent releases by Kristin Thompson.

Charles Barr on Ealing 13: the best writer on British film considers Network’s most recent release of rarities from the studio.

The forgotten great theatres of London: Joe Carroll at the Londonist.

‘Peter Brook is an exceptional human being’: Rupert Christensen for the Telegraph.

Life and death: John Grindrod on his parents and the demolition of Taberner House in Croydon.

Save the Warburg library!: for The New York Review of Books, Anthony Grafton and Jeffery Hamburger.

Think big. Build big. Sell big: Carol Vogel on Jeff Koons for The New York Times.

Garry Winogrand, street photographer – a retrospective, in pictures: Jonathan Jones introduces a glorious selection.

Beyond Pong – why digital art matters: an illustrated Guardian essay by James Bridle.

Inside the color factory – my chat with a photo colorizer: Matt Novak interviews Dana Keller.

The internet with a human face: Maciej Ceglowski’s talk from Tellerrand last month.

Big Bang Data: site (in English) for an important exhibition in Barcelona.

E-books vs paper?: Julian Baggini for the Financial Times.

Inheritance: Ian Parker profiles Edward St Aubyn for The New Yorker.

• Paupers and richlings: Benjamin Kunkel on Thomas Piketty, from London Review of Books.

The literature of the second gilded age: for LA Review of Books, Stephen Marche on Thomas Piketty and contemporary literature.

• Football considered as one of the arts: from Luke McKernan.

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