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15th June 2014

The Space: welcome!

The 1940s are over, and Tarantino is still playing with the blocks: David Bordwell on Quentin Tarantino, Walt Disney, and Henry James.

Are digital cameras changing the nature of movies?: part one (of three) from Andrew O’Hehir at Nautilus.

Finding the method in the medieval theatre’s madness, from the Guardian.

Interview – veteran theatre director Peter Brook: from the Financial Times.

Director Maria Aberg: ‘We have a responsibility to consider gender-blind casting’: The White Devil director interviewed at What’sOnStage.

She speaks: Dan Hutton in the RSC rehearsal room for Midsummer Mischief.

Going live – Philip Auslander and the theatre of liveness: Erin Sullivan at Digital Shakespeares.

On criticism – the Guardian years: pieces on theatre criticism at Postcards from the Gods.

Inheritance: Ian Parker profiles Edward St Aubyn, The New Yorker.

Reading – the struggle: Tim Parks, New York Review of Books.

On Margate sands: Luke McKernan goes back to Margate to see Mondrian.

The urge to strangle: T J Clark on Matise, London Review of Books.

Nicholas Serota on Cy Twombly’s gift to Tate: from the Financial Times.

The Ladybird book of postwar rebuilding: from Dirty Modern Scoundrels.

How state of the art engineering is revolutionising the museum experience worldwide: from Architizer.

Jennifer in paradise: the world’s first Photoshopped image, from the Guardian.

Inaugural lecture – A Decade in Digital Humanities: from Melissa Terras.

A world digital library is coming true!: Robert Darnton for The New York Review of Books.

The trials of Entertainment Weekly: one magazine’s 24 years of corporate torture: Anne Helen Petersen for The Awl.

All of Bach: every week you can find here a new recording of one of Bach’s 1080 works.

Yesterday: a new Haruki Murakami story, courtesy of The New Yorker.

PS. The above is a try-out for a new Sunday Links format, stripped-down, lacking credits and thanks, but perhaps sustainable. We’ll see.

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