10th June 2013

21:52 Going to bed now, but I’ll try to post some more considered thoughts once I’ve slept on it.

21:51 Andy Dickson at the Guardian says they are hoping to make the stream available on demand tomorrow – I hope they do that with the ones to come as well.

21:50 The question Mark Ravenhill asked was ‘What is your “ideal theatre”‘?

21:49 Rather engaging hearing peoples’ chat in the auditorium when I’m certain they don’t know they can be overheard on the stream…

21:48 The others were April de Angelis, Tim Crouch, Chris Goode, Zinnie Harris, Ella Hickson, Gregory Motton, Philip Ridley, Simon Stephens.

21:45 And with ‘Everyone breathes easier when there’s a cat in the room’ we’re out. Applause and – roll credits. There is a list of the playwrights whose views are included but it went through too quickly for me to catch it. Howard Barker was one.

21:44 Maybe you have to be there – and certainly the audience in the house seems to be having more fun than I am at home – but it’s coming across as slightly banal to me.

21:43 People making guesses about who said what: Caryl Churchill? Lucy Kirkwood?

21:42 Now we’re on the audience at The Royal Court, and the possible fire-bombing of – some laughs on offer here.

21:40 and from the chat stream… “o”: ‘has this a plot? or has it lost it?’

21:37 We don’t seem to be in the theatre now, or hearing about the theatre – we’ve moved onto transgression and onto male and female subjectivities – although it does spin back to the ‘ideal theatre’ – sort of.

21:34 My stream, which has been immaculate to this point, is struggling a bit at the moment.

21:33 181 viewers.

21:32 Twenty-five minutes in and I’m feeling a bit… ho hum.

21:31 Apparently this is called Cakes and Finance – the Royal Court has just revealed this in a Tweet.

21:29 It does feel as if Mark Ravenhill is enjoying this now, at least more than he was at the start – it’s become more of a performance, with more pleasure in the language and less focus on the (unremarkable?) ideas.

21:25 Some love on the chat stream for “RobertElkin”, enthusiasm for that last comment.

21:24 more from the chat stream… “RobertElkin”: ‘How can you not be enjoying this? It’s a variety of voices airing their thoughts on the one thing that’s brought us all here to this website.’

21:23 Tweet from @andydickson: ‘Trying to guess the voices being done – who’s the playwright who can only contemplate October …? (Quite agree btw)’

21:20 from the chat stream… via “e”: ‘ah. click..its the other playwrites verbatim opinions on their ideal theatres!’

21:19 Down to 198 viewers now, which feels quite modest, although this is also being presented via the Guardian.

21:17 Visually, this is just a single unchanging mid-shot. It’s smart and sort-of funny, but I think I’m a little underwhelmed so far.

21:16 The lecture is parcelled out in sections by a female off-screen voice speaking brief  headings.

21:15 The slides include patisserie, cityscapes, architectural details.

21:14 So if @DanRebellato is right and this is a ‘verbatim meditation’, does that mean that these comments about theatre are quoted from others. If so, who? Does it matter?

21:12 Interesting to see the chat window alongside the Royal Court stream, although the comments so far are pretty unremarkable.

21:12 The Royal Court stream says it currently has 211 viewers at

21:10 @DanRebellato tweets (having seen this earlier in the evening): ‘Tonight’s Surprise Theatre @royalcourt was a brilliant, funny, and oddly inspiring verbatim meditation on ideal theatre by @markravenhill ‘

21:07 It’s a kind of a lecture, about an ideal theatre, about the qualities of an idealised space. It’s not clear if this is a lecture or a performance, or both.

21:06 He says that audiences crave the provocative and the challenging and the unexpected…

21:05 Mark Ravenhill is at a podium, with slides being projected behind.

21:03 I wasn’t actually planning to blog the first surprise theatre from the Royal Court, but then I thought I would, so here I am.

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