Three things 13.

18th April 2015

Each day I highlight three things. Sometimes there are connections between them, oftentimes there not.

Complex TV – the poetics of contemporary television storytelling: a really exceptional website (screengrab of the home above), with oodles of extracts, created to accompany the publication of Jason Mittell’s book Complex TV.

Survival tactics: German filmmakers in Hollywood, 1940-1960: a long, detailed and dense essay by Joe McElhaney for Lola about Michael Curtiz, Ernst Lubitsch, Billy Wilder and others – fascinating if you’re prepared to devote the time it needs.

How I feel for the films of Robert Siodmak: Geoff Andrew for the BFI on the noir director who has a retrospective at BFI Southbank this month and next; here’s the trailer for the re-release of Siodmak’s Cry of the City (1948):

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