Three things 19.

25th April 2015

Each day I try to highlight just three things.

Sometimes there are connections between the three things, oftentimes there are not.

The wonderfully elusive Chinese novel: a fascinating discussion from The New York Review of Books in which Perry Link takes off from a review of The Plum in the Golden Vase or, Chin P’ing Mei, Vol. 5: The Dissolution to consider wider questions about Chinese literature and translation.

Artist who furtively photographed his neighbors wins in court, again: interesting Hyperallergic report by Laura C. Mallonee about the work of Arne Svenson whose series The Neighbours raises all sorts of interesting legal and ethical questions; above, a detail from “Neighbors #11″ (2012) (image courtesy Julie Saul Gallery NYC).

• Alec Soth on photographing “the cloud” in Silicon Valley: it’s more than a year old, but this is a solid SFMOMA video about the wonderful photographer making images of something entirely insubstantial.

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