Three things 20.

26th April 2015

Each day I highlight just three things.

Sometimes there are links between them, oftentimes there are not.

The A-Z of Carl Dreyer: terrific anthology from Matthew Thrift at BFI about the demanding work of the great Danish director, including his little-known study of the sculptor Thorvaldsen (1949, above).

Seeing Istanbul again: Orhan Panuk’s translator Maureen Feely writes for The New York Review of Books about the Turkish writer’s vision of the city where he lives.

• Sophia Loren and the Italo-American songbook: apart from being hugely enjoyable, this essay is an object lesson in how to assemble – without commentary – comparatively obscure film extracts to explore an idea, in this case the creation of  trans-national identity in ’50s’ cinema; from Bristol PhD candidate Sarah Culhane.

Sophia Loren and the Italian-American Songbook from Sarah C on Vimeo.

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