Three things 3.

8th April 2015

(Go here for a note about why I have started to post in this way.)

Why did we see Don Draper reading Dante’s Inferno in Mad Men? Marta Bausells for the Guardian. The related New York Public Library post by Billy Parrott is here, and the official AMC/NYPL Mad Men Reading List can be downloaded here.

Why has TV storytelling become so complex?: Jason Mittell for The Conversation with a terrific trail for his forthcoming and much-anticipated book.

The Jinx – not my documentary renaissance: Robert Greene for Sight & Sound online on HBO’s much-discussed ‘documentary’ serial. Beverly chills – the ongoing saga of The Jinx by Molly Lambert for Grantland is also an important read. And Anne Helen Petersen’s How The Jinx narratively manipulated its viewers for Buzzfeed is essential.

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