Three things 4.

9th April 2015

(Go here for a note about why I have started to post in this way.)

1932 – MGM invents the future (part 1): one of David Bordwell’s exceptional posts about cinema history and poetics, in this case focussing on the first screen adaptation of Eugene O’Neill’s Strange Interlude. 1932 – MGM invents the future (part 2) is just as good.

The master writer of the city: Janet Malcolm for The New York Review of Books is simply wonderful on New Yorker writer Joseph Mitchell. Above, Mitchell outside Sloppy Louie’s restaurant with Louis Morino, the subject of the writer’s 1952 New Yorker profile ‘Up in the Old Hotel’; credit: Therese Mitchell/Estate of Joseph Mitchell.

Hakanai de Adrien M / Claire B: this is a truly remarkable dance and digital imaging work; background, an interview and additional images from Jordan Backhus at The Creators Project here.


  1. Keith Griffiths says:

    Thank you for these new daily short posts. I think you have found a solution to the issue of yoo little time, too much content. These daily selected items are just right fo go with the morning coffee. Once one had time for a big Sunday breakfast of Links, but this is rare keep this thread moving along.

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