Three things 6.

11th April 2015

(Go here for a note about why I have started to post in this way.)

Live and direct – the definitive oral history of 1980s digital icon Max Headroom: from Bryan Bishop for The Verge, and for those of us who can remember the decade before the ’90s (and for others too) this is just wonderful.

• Video Essay – Walerian Borowczyk: an introduction by Violet Lucca to the strange, sexual world of the Polish filmmaker, tied to Obscure Pleasures: The Films of Walerian Borowczyk which has just closed at Lincoln Center.

Video Essay: Walerian Borowczyk from Film Comment on Vimeo.

• Finally, the beauty of France’s Chauvet Cave makes its grand public debut: Smithsonian Magazine‘s Joshua Hammer visits the hi-tech facsimile of the cave containing one of the greatest collections of Upper Paleolithic art, including the Gallery of the Lions above.

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