Three things 9.

14th April 2015

Shedding her skin: The Good Wife, currently running on More4 (with, among others, Archie Panjabi as Kalinda Sharma, above) is simply the best thing on TV – did you see last week’s show with the prison consultant? This New Yorker piece by the excellent Emily Nussbaum from last autumn goes some way to explaining its strengths: ‘the series is a model of how strict boundaries—the sort that govern sonnets—can inspire greater brilliance than absolute freedom can.’

The cinema gains a powerful ally: a terrific entry to Luke McKernan’s essential Picturegoing site, recounting the screening of BBC Television’s coverage of the 1953 Coronation in an Odeon cinema in Leeds.

• Trailer for YOUTH – La Giovinezza, the forthcoming film from Paolo Sorrentino, director of the truly wonderful La Grande Bellezza.

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