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18th May 2013

Another of our colleague Todd MacDonald’s weekly selections of interesting and intriguing videos…

Todd MacDonald: It’s all about in-camera techniques and masking tape this week, starting with some beautiful footage of London in 1927 – IN COLOUR!

London in 1927 from Tim Sparke on Vimeo.

Apparently it took a whole weekend to get this next shot right. Shot and Directed by Paul Greenhouse, the video for To The River by James Wallace & the Naked Light is a very simple one but very well executed.

To The River from JWATNL on Vimeo.

I’m mad about ‘making of’ videos and this one is a real gem. First, you need to watch the video they’re talking about here which is Wasting My Young Years by London Grammar. Also quite a simple idea but much harder to execute. The technique used in order to pull this off shows incredible ambition and dedication. A bucket of gold stars to Owen Silverwood and Dave Bullivant (Bison) who are the brains behind it all.

LONDON GRAMMAR – Wasting My Young Years – Behind The Scenes from Academy Plus (A+) on Vimeo.

Sarah DiNardo loves masking tape. She loves it so much, she makes sculpture out of it!

Sarah DiNardo. Tape Artist. from gnarly bay productions, Inc. on Vimeo.

Making these looks like it could be quite therapeutic and that seems partly why Sarah enjoys it so much. I might give it a go myself, though I doubt I’ll make anything half as interesting as her pieces!

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