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26th May 2013

Another great selection from our colleague Todd MacDonald, who also features this weekly choice on his personal blog.

First up we have a video that I first watched once it won the Vimeo Awards Grand Prize in 2012. It really is one that delivers on repeat viewing and exemplifies the age-old mantra that the simplest ideas are often the best. The Everynone team have a broad collection of similarly enticing videos on their website including Moments which I cannnot even begin to understand the approach to its execution. Once you start to get a feel for Everynone’s work, all of the films maintain the idea of simplicity but you begin to wonder how they all came together when the range of material required to achieve them is so vast. Truly great work.

Symmetry from Everynone on Vimeo.

Next up, Leonardo Dalessandri shows us his video postcard from Morocco. If, as his description suggests, this was made by him simply having a camera on him whilst on holiday, this is quite special. Some unbelievable cinematography here enhanced by an equally impressive edit.

Watchtower of Morocco from Leonardo Dalessandri on Vimeo.

Nothing says ‘good times’ better than the launch video for French creative influence agency Kids Love Jetlag made by Fred and Farid Group who both have very interesting websites. Kids Love Jetlag is the digital agency within the Fred and Farid Media Group based on Paris and Shanghai.

KIDS LOVE JETLAG | OPENING from Fred & Farid Group on Vimeo.

Through the Lens is a new series of videos that follows professional surfer Rob Machado as he returns to visit the people he has met throughout his career that have inspired him and shared his passion for surfing and the arts. In this episode, he spends time with San-Francisco based artist Jay Nelson and they work together in customising Rob’s van. Tyler Manson of Acne is the man behind the lens and I look forward to seeing his next instalment.

THROUGH THE LENS with Rob Machado from Through The Lens on Vimeo.

As an art form, the music video has to be one of the most open mediums to work with. I am fascinated by the creative freedom that music can give you as its visual interpretation can be so different for everyone who hears it. Alex Southam‘s own interpretation of ‘Hearts’ by Swedish indie band I Break Horses is a masterful matching of music and and visual. (Frustratingly, the embed permissions do not allow us to post it here, so please follow the link.) Although the narrative is no more than a journey, the images compliment the music perfectly and does exactly what any music video should endeavour to do, breath a new visual life into a song and take it to a further audience. You can see more of Alex Southam’s work here.

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