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27th April 2013

We are delighted to feature another selection of videos compiled by our colleague Todd MacDonald, which he is also presenting every week on his own blog.

Todd MacDonald: I’ve got some good’uns this week and I even had to leave a few out of the line-up for fear of overload. The five here are the best that I’ve enjoyed this week including work by Lonely Leap, Callum Cooper and Mark Bader.

First, we go to the birthplace of John Wyver, the man behind Illuminations, to Whitstable for a seaside story about the Whelkman.

The Whelkman of Whitstable Harbour from Vern Cummins on Vimeo.

Callum Cooper, a Royal College of Art graduate explores the segregation of class in Britain by finely stitching together 4,000 photos of different London houses from postcode E6 to SW7. A quite remarkable device was used in order to make this film possible which you can here (and in the lead image above).

Victoria, George, Edward and Thatcher from Callum Cooper on Vimeo.

Next a double whammy from New York and London-based production company Lonely Leap. The first is a rather brilliant promotional video for the Music course at Goldsmiths University. This is the kind of thing that makes me wish I was still a student! You’ll need to go here to watch it though because of embedding permissions. The second is an award-winning film that is one of a three-part series made about Kew Gardens. Each of the episodes is fascinating to watch and can be found within the Lonely Leap Vimeo channel here. My choice of the trio is the investigation of the Fungarium.

KEW GARDENS – Beyond the Gardens: The Fungarium from LONELYLEAP on Vimeo.

I think I’m going to start making a habit of finishing these posts with a creative process film until I have made my own to show you. This last one comes from Mark Bader about Brickett Davda Ceramics. It is just SO beautiful. That is all.

Brickett Davda Ceramics – handmade in england from Mark Bader on Vimeo.

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