Stage to screen workshop in Nottingham

27th April 2016

I’m very much looking forward to this workshop on Saturday in Nottingham. The event is free but do please register online if you would like to attend – there are just a few places left. I hope there will be plenty of time for exploring ideas together, and I’ll write up a note about the discussions early next week. The image, of course, is of David Tennant and Mariah Gale in our 2009 BBC television film of Gregory Doran’s production of Hamlet for the Royal Shakespeare Company.

From Stage to Screen:
Adapting theatrical drama for television and cinema

What are the challenges in producing a drama originally conceived for the stage for contemporary screen-media? What are the advantages of live relay from an actual theatre, or of filming on location for subsequent editing? What alternative methods are likely to develop in the future?

In this workshop, producer and broadcasting historian John Wyver will share insights from his personal experience and from his research, with extracts from a variety of screen-productions. There will be a focus on Shakespeare, but other playwrights and periods will be covered, including Greek tragedy.

This workshop is co-hosted by Dr Lynn Fotheringham from the Centre for Ancient Drama and its Reception (CADRE) at The University of Nottingham . It will be held at The Broadway on Saturday, 30 April 2016. 

The workshop will be of interest to those with careers or aspiring to careers in the screen industries. It will also interest enthusiasts and to those whose interests lie primarily in theatre. The flow of events is as follows:

10.30 am – Theatre on screen: the first two and a half thousand years 
Introductory, context-setting talk from John

11.15 am – Greek tragedy on television
Presentation by Lynn

12.00 pm – Hamlet: producing a film for television
A detailed discussion of the 2009 BBC presentation of the RSC Hamlet with David Tennant as the prince.

1.00 pm – Lunch

2.00 pm – RSC Live from Stratford-upon-Avon: producing plays for the cinema
Exploration of “event cinema” showings of theatre plays.

3.30 pm – Theatre on screen: what’s next?
Plenary discussion as before

The event is FREE, but pre-registration is required. Please register online.

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