‘You like me, Kate?’ #AnAgeofKings

10th December 2014

Let’s get this on the table at the top: we believe our 5-disc box-set of the 1960 BBC Television series An Age of Kings, which adapts all eight of Shakespeare’s great History plays, would make an excellent Christmas gift. You can purchase it from us online here, and it is also available from Moviemail, Amazon and other online retailers.

As a holiday treat, and as part of our entreaty to make a purchase, we are releasing highlights from the series to our YouTube channel on each Tuesday and Thursday, and yesterday we presented a scene from Episode 8: Band of Brothers. This is from Act V Scene 2 of Henry V with an implausibly youthful Robert Hardy as the wooing king and Judi Dench as the French princess Katherine. Which seems entirely appropriate given that Dame Judi celebrated her 80th birthday yesterday. Here she is 54 years ago, responding to Henry’s entreaties and being flirty and flighty and haughty and (despite the accent!) captivatingly charming.

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