Download The Art of Faith I

21st February 2020

We’re pleased to announce a new addition to our films available to download from our website, Art of Faith I. Each film from Art of Faith I, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are now available to download individually and are newly subtitled.

Art of Faith I was originally broadcast on Sky Arts and sees John McCarthy travel to Singapore, New York, Tunisia, and, er, Woking amongst other destinations to explore the wonders of religious architecture and meet the people who worship in them.

Art of Faith I asks: how have the passions and complexities of religious belief been expressed in architecture? How have the most abstract mysteries been given the most concrete shapes? And how, over the past two thousand years, have we celebrated the art of faith?

The second Art of Faith series, Art of Faith II that features films on Buddhism, Hinduism, and The Religions of Tao previously unavailable will be released soon.

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